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Identity Design for Humans Need Love

Identity Design for Humans Need Love

Humans Need Love brand identity Humans Need Love brand identity Humans Need Love brand identity

The Story

Humans Need Love is a project and an LLC that I founded in 2018. Is it an app? Is it a service? Is it a movement? All of the above, and very much a work in progress.

The general idea is that thoughtful design can allow people to feel seen, heard, and understood, which in turn conveys love. When you consider who you are designing for, and put genuine care into making a tangible, useful tool that improves someone's quality of life, you are in turn generating love that total strangers can receive and appreciate.

Role, Process, Who I Worked With

  • As visual designer and founder, this is another labor of love that I'm still working through. I'm currently in the research, exploration, and iteration stages.
  • The approach for this logo design was to convey the right balance of the personal effort and care that goes into creating anything. Something that speaks to the human connection, the act of being seen and heard, and that feels familiar or natural.
  • As a starting point I used a watercolor texture that I painted to bring in a colorful softness that conveys gentle positivity.
  • Working on other imagery, including a fingerprint is a way of putting one's personal stamp on something. It can be interpreted as either mine or the user's, and suggests actual human touch or connection. Considering ways to modify it to reveal a heart, with the fact that it might go unnoticed at first speaking to the invisible nature of great design.

The Result

In progress

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