About Me

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I'm a native Michigander and lifelong artist with a love for science, technology, and nature. I spent my childhood drawing, writing stories, climbing trees, catching toads and bugs, and finding things to look at under my microscope. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I became a young single mom, graduated from college with a degree in graphic design, bought a fixer of a house and graduated with a degree in DIY, ran a marathon, learned to code, taught other women to code, raised a good human, traveled, and started a business.

I'm still scheming and daydreaming, but I'm 100% present for whatever comes next. When I'm not creating things, you'll find me outdoors with my dog, on an airplane, driving fast around cones [YouTube, sound may be on], or talking to strangers. Currently based out of the Detroit area.

Keep reading for more about what I offer and what I'd like in my next role. For a more detailed professional timeline, please see my LinkedIn profile, or view my resume [PDF].

Background and Core Values

Having spent the last twenty-plus years creating things for the digital space, I've had the privilege of working alongside clients, colleagues, users, and students who have provided me lasting insights and valuable lessons. In that time, I've accumulated deep technical expertise in each of my roles, and an ease in relating to others. I think this pairs beautifully with Design Thinking, allowing me to meet others where they are, acknowledge their goals, challenges, and perspectives, and kindly lead them to a great solution.

I'm looking to align myself with individuals and organizations who are passionate about improving the quality of life for others, and who prioritize treating people fairly and kindly. We pour so much of ourselves into work — we might as well focus on doing some good with those on a similar path.

Dream Team

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